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Distance, isolation, confinement…
Don’t leave your loved ones isolated.

Send your photos, videos, with personalised messages, make video calls wherever you are…

They will be transferred to the private and secure connected frame !

The Visioframe application allows the family, with no limit to the number of users, to stay in touch with their loved ones very easily and in all circumstances.

A simple, adapted and scalable technological solution

Thanks to its numerous functions,

Visioframefamily strengthens the intergenerational link despite the distance

Application available on Apple store and Google play

Secure payment in one go or by subscription

Guarantees a reliable and secure
communication tool (no spam)

A simple and intuitive interface
(Possibility of resetting the connected frame to get a ‘classic’ android tablet.)


1- The connected framework for our seniors

Easy to use and without manipulation, the frame is ideal for all grandparents who like to have the latest photos of their grandchildren in front of them, but also holiday or family photos. The frame stimulates the elderly and allows them to maintain a social bond.

2- The mobile application for families

Send your photos and personalised messages wherever you are, they will be transferred to the connected frame. The Visioframe app makes it easy for families to stay in touch with their loved ones, no matter what the circumstances.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Visioframe application available for IPhone and other smartphones ?2023-01-04T11:53:14+01:00

Yes. The Visioframe app is available for free download from the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

How do you use Visioframe if you don’t have a WiFi connection ?2022-06-14T13:22:46+02:00

Your Visioframe needs internet access to connect with family members or friends and receive photos and messages. However, if you live in a location where it is not possible to connect the frame to Wi-Fi, your frame can be connected via a 3G SIM card.

Can I change the name of my user account?2022-06-14T13:20:12+02:00

Yes, you can easily change the name of my user account in the Visioframe mobile application.

To do this, click on your User Profile, then click on your account name. Enter your new name and validate.

Can I see if the photo I sent has been seen by the recipient ?2022-06-14T13:21:17+02:00

Of course, you can view the complete history of your shipments.
A grey tick shows that the message has been sent, and a green tick indicates that your message has been seen.

Is there a maximum number of photos that can be sent ?2022-06-14T13:21:50+02:00

No. Each user can upload as many photos as they want to the frame. (attention a limit of 20 photos will be displayed in real time on the frame)
We invite you to share photos as regularly as possible rather than a lot at once.
We have set up this system to encourage daily use of the frame, and a reasonable frequency of receiving photos.

Why does my frame screen go out at night ?2022-06-14T13:23:50+02:00

The Visioframefamily supports “Sleep Mode” which will automatically turn the frame off or on at the pre-configured time. This feature can be configured in the device settings.

Can I send text messages on the frame ?2022-06-14T13:25:31+02:00

Of course, you can send your photos on the frame and accompany them with personalised text messages with the most beautiful smiley’s. The number of characters per photo is limited to 100.

How to send photos from a smartphone to the frame ?2022-06-14T13:28:07+02:00

With the app, you can send photos to all your connected Visioframe photo frames from anywhere in the world. Photos will appear in seconds, so you can share precious moments as they happen.

1. Select or take a picture
In the Visioframe application, you select a photo from your gallery or take a new photo. If you do not see your photos in the Visioframe application, you probably need to allow the application to see your photos.

2. Select who you want to send it to
Once you have selected the photo you wish to send, press “Next” in the top right corner. Select the recipient(s) and press “Next” again.

3. Add your personal message
Write a caption for the photo if you wish and press “Next”.

4. Send to frame(s))
Select the important part you want in the centre of the photo and press “Send”.

Can multiple people send photos to a Visioframe ?2022-06-14T13:19:17+02:00

Yes, you can add as many family members or friends as you like to send photos to your Visioframe. All they need to do is download the free Visioframe app from the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)

How long is the warranty ?2023-01-04T11:43:58+01:00

The legal warranty is 2 years from the date of purchase. In case of problem, please send an email to info@visioframefamily.com

Our users’ opinions

Visioframe est idéal pour conserver le lien avec ma grand mère de 82 ans. Ca nous fait des sujets de discussion et d’échange. Quand on se voit elle aime que nous regardions les photos ensemble ❤️

Marie S.
Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Très bonne initiative que cette application, cela me permet de voir mon papa faire des activités avec le personnel très dévoué. Moi qui n’habite pas sur place, je me sens plus proche de lui grâce à vous !

Philippe P.
Bruxelles, Belgique

Application au top ! 👍 Visioframe permet de rester en contact tout en sécurité et de manière intuitive. Merci pour cette solution qui nous permette de rester en lien avec nos proches !

Olivier V.
Lyon, France

Ma grand-mère a tout de suite adopté son cadre Visioframe 👏👏👏 C’est absolument magique pour elle d’avoir chaque jour des nouvelles et pouvoir suivre le quotidien de la famille en photos !

Jean-Marc H.
Liège, Belgique

Moi qui vit depuis longtemps à l’étranger, il n’est pas facile de voir régulièrement ma maman. Mon fils lui a installé le cadre dans sa chambre et depuis elle reçoit des photos de nous tous les jours !

Marc S.
Paris, France

Nous sommes une grande famille et vivons tous éloignés, ma mère de 71 ans s’ennuie beaucoup de ses petits-enfants car elle ne pouvait pas les voir souvent… Maintenant ce cadre a résolu le problème

Nadège M.
Ettelbruck, Luxembourg

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